The MILLION Pound Problem & The Effects

If you run a stone shop, someone has to install those counters you’re manufacturing…We call them installers and we ask a lot of them.
You might be shocked and you may not believe that we ask them to lift over One Million Pounds of stone per year.
In …

Friends in low places

You may not be at a low point in your stone career, but you may know someone who is. 
Don’t underestimate the power of an encouraging word, your friends in low places may really need to hear from you!
Happy fabricating!
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Dream Small

We must have small victories, little wins, achievements along the way on the journey towards the big dream… In this episode we break down four areas of life where you can identify smaller dreams that can be achieved in the moment or in the short term…

The 6 Stages (AKA the 6 D’s)

The journey of a stone shop owner can be exhilarating and marked by success and profits.  Along the way, there can be roadblocks that either wear us out or prevent us from continuing the journey.
In this episode I share the 6 stages of leadership gro…