Conventional wisdom says we have to wait until we build and sell our business for millions before we can have the time and money to do the things that are important to us.

In this episode, I challenge that idea and ask some tough questions that can actually have life-altering impacts on the way we build our businesses and the lives we experience as a result.

  1. How do you define rich:
    1. Income – money rich –
    2. Time –
  2. What definition of success are you working off of?
    1. Is that your definition
    2. Is that someone else’s definition?
  3. How would you define success for yourself, your spouse, family, etc.
  4. How would you measure your success?
  5. What are the things you long to do & want to do, but just never seem to have time?
    1. You need time to ask yourself this question
    2. You need to give yourself permission to ask this question

Happy Fabricating!

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